Be Your Own Decision Maker

Work with a certified mediator based in Pompano Beach, FL & Broward County, FL

You might think getting a judge to settle your dispute is the only fair way to do it, but that could end up with both parties being disappointed. Instead, rely on the certified mediator at ANNE WEBSTER MEDIATION SERVICES to help you come to a neutral agreement.

We'll facilitate a civilized discussion and ensure everyone feels heard while working toward a solution. Don't wait to get virtual mediation services from our specialist in Pompano Beach, FL.

Why do people choose mediation?

Our certified mediator can settle cases others thought impossible. Mediation might be right for you because:

  • It's cost-effective - you avoid court and attorney fees
  • It's convenient - you can participate in virtual mediation from anywhere
  • It's confidential - you can settle your dispute in a more discreet manner
You won't even have to be face-to-face with the other party during mediation, so you may be able to approach the topic from a new perspective. Call us now at 954-687-6909 to schedule virtual mediation services.