Our Practice

Our mission is Your success.

Our sole purpose as mediators is to save you the time, money and grief of having to go to court. We provide a safe, constructive forum to help you resolve your personal or professional disputes. Our friendly conflict management practitioners are highly experienced, and extremely well trained. Together we can help you determine your own future, instead of a judge or jury.

Our approach to dispute resolution is the collaboration style. This style allows the parties to work together to resolve their issues. Both sides come to the table with win-win attitudes.

Our primary mediator Anne Webster's experiences has equipped her with superior communication, negotiation, problem-solving, analytical and conflict resolution skills. She will use these strengths to effectively mediate your issue. She has the ability to maintain confidentiality, exercise sound judgment and discretion, work collaboratively with others and foster effective working relationships with clients, courts, judicial staff, and the general public.